When a Btry was split it formed Platoons of howitzers and the most common was the 2-howitzer platoon although I have found reference to a 3-howitzer platoon once in my reading of our records. PHEONS", 1st Battalion, 8th Artillery Using colored smoke rounds to identify the precise outline of his perimeter, Lieutenant Colonel Harold G. Moore, the 1/7s commander, called for additional artillery support. John F. Karr, 5th Battalion, 42nd Artillery Contact: Stu Sears, Responsible for III Corps And guns, furnished fire support and helped defend other fire bases as required. the webmaster of any The 42nd Field Artillery Regiment is a field artillery regiment of the United States Army, first Constituted 5 July 1918 in the National Army (USA) . artillery pieces in action, Home | About I remember his children, Wally, Shelly, Pam, Barbara, Earl, and Nancy (my age). I remember the U-shaped layout of staff/office buildings with the Officers Club, NCO club, and chapel in the NE corner (as you came in the gate, not sure of the absoulte orientation). 2nd Bn, 17th Arty (105-155, T) The unit's actions in the Admiralty Islands prepared it for the amphibious assault on Leyte in the Philippines on 07 October 1944. Units, FIRST FIELD FORCE VIETNAM ARTILLERY Angel, 1st Battalion, 321st Artillery howitzers because of their rapid- 1) Dan Ward. Provisional agreements reached at Geneva, Switzerland, prevented this, divided the country at the seventeenth parallel, and scheduled reunification to come through a general election in July 1956. (1) 18 Jan 56 to 1 May 56: Gun Platoon Commander, A Battery (2nd Gun Platoon) 97th Artillery Group Because of this, the 1st Divisions artillery commander delegated fire control to commanders of direct support battalions, who helped convert the Iron Triangle from a haven into a no mans land by the end of January. 8th Battalion, 25th 5th Bn, 27th Arty (105, T) To all past members of the 2nd Battalion, 4th Artillery, 9th Infantry Division, Vietnam. So depending on when you joined the unit, you could have moved a lot or not at all. 1st Bn, 83rd Arty (8-in/175) Toggle navigation. REST IN PEACE. 1st Bn, 11th Arty (105, T) We bowled, played softball, went to the library or just tried to look busy. By the early 1960s North Vietnam had a formidable army that had been organized, equipped, and trained alongChinese lines and that relied upon stealth and foot mobility. [Taken from coffeltdatabase.org]. As important as technique was, suitable field pieces facilitated firing in a complete circle. Gun crews concentrated their fire around the landing zone. I made friends quickly, Pfc Jonathan Ahlbrand, Pfc Muhammad Blaylock, Cpl Juan Then, Pvt. It was a short cut to our apartment complex. This may help you find your friend from the war! Each GI was allowed one time to exchange and some people made a lot of money buying script dirt cheap. It was here that I learned the folly of placing the barbs on the barbed wire a hand space apart. Walked everywhere! 6th and 7th U.S. On the kamikaze issue, that would be gamey to me. Coleates, 155mm H SP (M109) Throughout the night the North Vietnamese continued their attempt to defeat the Americans, but intensive fire from two batteries at Landing Zone Falcon and aggressive fighting by the cavalry repulsed the charges. It reduced fatigue and the resulting errors of fire direction center personnel. 41st Artillery Group Gregory K. Byers and his fraulein, Sabine Eberlein (Rodesheim), Pvt. Turned out I used those bonds to pay for my first 2 years of college when I was discharged. Vietnam era Field Gear. On the remembrance of your 68th birthday, your sacrifice is not forgotten. Contact: Robert Wronski. 42d Field Artillery Lineage Constituted 5 July 1918 in the National Army as Battery D, 42d Field Artillery, an element of the 14th Division Organized 10 August 1918 at Camp Custer, Michigan. 1st Bn, 30th Arty (155, T), 3rd Bn, 6th Arty (105, SP) Because la Drang acquainted the enemy with American firepower and influenced it to avoid such encounters in the future, the Army had to inaugurate search-and-destroy operations in 1965-66 to ferret out the enemy.66 For example, covered by 105-mm. In fact, the only thing "static" in our lives was change. ! 509th RC, 5th Engineer Battalion. DI Unit Crest 134th Field Artillery Battalion DUI. 2nd Bn, 33rd Arty (105, T) The first, second and fifth road wheel stations have a hydraulic shock absorber. Sgt. This test culminated in the firing of the first atomic round at Frenchman's Flat firing range in Nevada, by the Officers and men (and one gun) of the 867th FA Bn. Contact: "Boz" Departed Bremerhaven on USNS Gen. Buckner 12 Dec 58 The remainder of the battalion was concurrently inactivated. H = Howitzer 5th Bn, 16th Arty (155/8-in, SP), 6th Bn, 11th Arty, The 5th Field Artillery Regiment was constituted as part of the Regular Army in January 1907. In January of 1944, the Battalion fired its first round in the World War II at Oro Bay, New Guinea. When I woke up in my sleeping bag the first morning a fire had been started and all our boots were around the fire getting warm. Entdecke US Army Unit Crest: 42nd Field Artillery Brigade - NOUS SOUTIENDRONS - G23 in groer Auswahl Vergleichen Angebote und Preise Online kaufen bei eBay Kostenlose Lieferung fr viele Artikel! Richie, 108th FA Group Aerial Observation (VATLS), 2nd Battalion, 319th Artillery This is a violation of privacy. Please watch over America, it stills needs your strength, courage, guidance, and faithfulness, especially now. Great time, at night we drank beer from a truck some local Comrade brought out to us. The fact that Congress was thinking of ending the GI Bill (still hasnt happened) I returned my deferment and volunteered for the draft. During the second week of November, both sides opened offensives to gain control of the la Drang Valley. 2nd Bn, 9th Arty (105, T) At the bottom of this page is a new section Both the 41st and the 52nd Artillery Groups contained 4 battalions of artillery with calibers ranging from 105 mm to units with 8" and or 175 mm howitzers and guns. Detachment 5, American Forces Vietnam Network in Hue is shown in 1967 a few months before the Tet Offensive. Junction City culminated with the battles of Ap Bau Bang II, Suoi Tre, and Ap Gu. I would like very much to find out what happened to a large number of the Officers and EM I served with. Garry Baxter, 2nd Relive & share the memories of your service time with your brothers & sisters in arms today. I was drafted and entered the US Army November 1, 1954. Dear Sp4 Jeffery Wright, Thank you for your service as a Field Artillery Basic. At least 2 cooks married the women KPs. My dad volunteered for Vietnam in 1968 and we stayed in Munich, Germany while he was there (Central Highlands, Pleiku, Da Nang, Nah Tran, etc). Photo below was submitted by Gordon . (There I remember a black guy (Pvt/Cpl/Sgt? Group. The best was the softball team, we had two very good pitchers, one was a man named Moses and the other was Captain Gardner. Late in February, the Americans surrounded the area with eighteen bat- talions and thirteen mutually supporting fire bases and conducted search-and-destroy operations over the next three weeks. groups or commands. Contact: Charles Workman, 6th Battalion, 33rd Artillery *Estimated delivery dates - opens in a new window or tab include seller's handling time, origin ZIP Code, destination ZIP Code and time of acceptance and will depend on shipping service selected and receipt of cleared payment. Even though they were surprised, the North Vietnamese slugged the Americans viciously with small arms, rocket, and mortar f.:e. To repel the assaults the Americans airlifted in reinforcements throughout the day under the cover of artillery fire from L-.nding Zone Falcon. Artillery A few years ago I ran across a book entitled Private Presley by Andreas Schroer which documents Elviss years in Germany and I swear it is as good as a high school yearbook for memories. GitHub export from English Wikipedia. For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for 42nd Field Artillery Regiment . Contact: Irv He drove by with a smile and gave us a sweeping Hi and a wink. General He and his men trained at Fort Sill on the 105 mm towed howitzer. 1/92nd means the 1st Battalion of the 92nd Artillery. I was afforded a wonderful chance to see Germany from the inside. in Vietnam in August 1972. We then did a half hour of PT followed by a half hour of DD. In past wars field artillerymen could predict the enemys moves because they were primarily confined to a sector and could be plotted on a map with some degree of accuracy. The following day, the North Vietnamese renewed their assaults but ran into a curtain of artillery rounds. Attached below the shield a Gold scroll inscribed FESTINA LENTE in Black letters. Miller. It seems they needed to replace the man who did the calculations during the surveys and the review of my schooling made me their choice. The insignia was redesignated for the 42d Field Artillery Regiment effective 1 September 1971. to the men of the 4/60th Air Defense Artillery (Quads and Dusters) as To meet the external threat the Army abandoned its defensive strategy for aggressive offensive actions.54 After a series of limited offensives, General William Westmoreland, Commander, US Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, opened a campaign to counter North Vietnamese moves to cut South Vietnam in half. US Department of Defense Desert Shield Desert Storm Service Medal Full Size Equally important, these operations reemphasized the value of 105-mm. Aerial artillery and a dogged defense turned back many enemy attacks. This happened in March in Germany which can be and was quite cold. us army 424th medical battalion unit crest the soldiers lifeline pin 22xp - $18.08. "First For Freedom" 15th Field Artillery and all US Army Vietnam artillery units Allen, Battery A, 377th Artillery Pilots contacted ground units and then adjusted tube artillery on the fringes of the battle- field. Even though it was transported by heli- copter, tube artillery lacked sufficient mobility to respond to fast-moving situations. . My duty assignments with the 265th FA Bn (later 3rd Gun Bn, 81st Arty) were as follows: 1st Bn, 92nd Arty (155, T) 5th Bn, The trip to Germany was an experience. We were moved to New York by train and loaded onto the USS Callan along with a lot of other troops. By doing this, field artillerymen reduced the time required to occupy a position and dispelled fears about the field artillerys inability to keep up with the other combat arms on a highly mobile battlefield. 3rd Bn, 197th Arty (155, T) 2 1st Infantry Division Artillery, 105mm H T, 155mm H T, Steele, 6th howitzers and the rapid response of aerial artillery signified important changes in tactics. Early drifts towards this mentality started in Ia Drang and culminated in 1967. [2][4], In 1972 the Army of the Republic of Vietnam infantry school and armor school began moving to Bearcat Base from Th c.[5]. Because of the size of the brigades area and range limitation, the division artillery commander attached a battery to a partic- ular battalion to provide the maximum coverage. Boswell, 1st Battalion, 7th Artillery H SP (M110), Headquarters This meant that the infantry and cavalry would have to fight alone on the enemys terms unless they were under a protective umbrella of fire support. army combat readiness test. Livingston, Dusters (Battery D, 71st Arty 1st Bn, 7th Arty (105, T) When the pieces were moved by helicopter, field artillerymen generally transported ammu- nition and guns separately. to your artillery unit on this page by notifying the This was important for the married troops who lived off base because it gave them an extra hour and a half in the AM. 2 talking about this. By doing this FADAC greatly increased accuracy, decreased response time, and allowed gun crews to fire longer missions and hit more targets with less ammunition. Camp J.J. Carroll - September 1970 It seems there was a DP camp over the hill from our position. served at one time or another earning the Medal of Honor On 15 October 1943, The 1st Battalion, Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment was disbanded. Unable to take such punishment, the NVietnamese finally abandoned their drive to destroy the artillery that had been so destruc- tive at X-Ray. 6th Bn, 14th Arty (8-in/175) Individual ba 3rd Bn, 18th Arty (8-in/175) Rank was hard to come by because the 280s were being phased out and the battalion seemed to be a place for Officers who were being phased out. These Btry's were commonly referred to as the "Firing Battery's" the guys you called when you wanted hot steel on the target but for every firing Btry a unit had it took other Btry's to support, move, supply, aim and maintain the howitzers and equipment. We generally woke up to Hill Billy Reveille" on AFN radio. Originally, the battalion was part of the 41st Artillery F, 79th Artillery not all places were accessible by truck. Ballowe, Quads (attached to Americal in Germany from 1945 to 1989. Dusters = Dual 40mm guns SP War artillery groups were part of First Field Force Vietnam Artillery (IFFV Arty), in the 2 If we had won, the team would be in a fix because a lot of us would be out of the service before the tournament was played. Enter your email below to receive exclusive content from Soldier of Fortune right in your inbox. The author of this history is unknown Contact: hyperlink for your unit on this page. Integrated basic and advanced officer courses, which had been initiated in 1947, had failed to provide officers with adequate preparation to serve effectively in either artillery.93 With support from the Armys Assistant Chief of Staff for Training, the Continental Army Command created basic courses for the two artilleries in 1957 but reintegrated basic officer training in 1958 through 1961 because of the lack of officers and money.94 In the meantime, the Continental Army Command retained the integrated artillery advanced course for officers with five to eight years of experience because of pressure to maintain flexibility in officer assignments. Based on a number of criteria (like the mental health of the men that had been on a hot firebase for an extended amount of time and enemy activities) the swing battery could be swing for anywhere from 3 months to a year. Contents 1 Lineage 2 Distinctive unit insignia 3 Coat of arms 4 Current configuration 5 Campaign participation credit 6 Decorations 7 See also 8 References 9 External links Lineage [ edit] I don't remember if I got to fire one. After an attack on a special forces camp at Plei Me in October 1965, he sent the 1st Air Cavalry Division (Airmobile) under Major General Harry W.O. had an Alfa Romeo and I remember the Getoggio brothers, enlisted (twins). After a couple of years it dawned on me that I would have to serve my two years with Uncle Sam when I was done with school. Arty Units - detailed list Since diodes and chips were not available, the Q-10 radar set operated on vacuum tubes. Arty Legends - legends and Contact: webmaster@bravecannons.org. 2nd Bn, 9th Arty (105, T) In mid-afternoon aerial and tube artillery and tactical air support joined the fight. In the meantime, an American artillery officer, normal- ly a major, was assigned to each corps and division to counsel senior South Vietnamese comman- ders on artillery matters and coordinatc the efforts of the advisory teams in subordinate battalions. 1st Bn, 14th Arty, 198th Inf Bde (105, T) 5th Bn, 22nd Arty (8-in/175) From there, the Battalion moved to Los Negros and, in February, on to Admiralty Islands. They were just fascinating. - 5th Battalion, 22nd Field Artillery (175mm Gun / 8-inch Howitzer) - 1st Battalion, 30th Field Artillery (155mm Howitzer, Towed . It was redesignated for the 42d Artillery Regiment on 26 November 1958. Greg Lawson, just to name a few. Background:,The coat of arms was originally approved for the 42d Field Artillery Battalion on 7 May 1942. I was introduced to my new Sgt. They verified the need to get as much firepower on the enemy as quickly as possible and to use artillery and air strikes simultaneously. Most Btry's were comprised of 6 howitzers, which allowed them to be split and moved to different locations for support and defense of more units and even themselves. COL Mundinger (deceased) was the commander of the Honest John missile battalion (3rd MSL Bn, 79th Arty). Contact: Ron Photo: Bill Van Eck C-2/32 "Can Do" of the 2/32d fires the first 175mm howitzer battery, one understrength 155-mm. Unit Crest (We Support the Line) 29th Field Artillery Regiment. The vision of VVMF is to ensure a society in which all who have served and sacrificed in our nation's Armed Forces are properly honored and receive the recognition they justly deserve. Warriner, 5th Battalion, 22nd Artillery Fortunately, the artillery offcer located back at 1/7s command post could see the fighting, adjusted artillery fire, and directed aerial artillery attacks and tactical air strikes. What he wanted was all the discards from the C rations which the GIs usually had. Field Artillery Brigade e0865 Vietnam US Army 189th Helicopter Company 2nd Airlift Ghostriders IR13C. Unit Crest (Conjuncti Stamus) 28th Field Artillery Regiment. I played on the B battery basketball team, touch football team, and fast pitch softball team. David Powell, 2nd Battalion, 94th Artillery As you can see from the pictures I sent, the Guns were named Apache and Alley Oop in A Battery, Big Ike and Big Mo in B Battery, and Comanche and Cheryl in C Battery. As infantry patrols swept around the base on 21 March, they bumped into a Viet Cong force that was preparing to assail the base. The latter part of my stay there, I met a German family whom lived in Allendorf, through Sabine & Greg, the Stockhauses. 8 March 1966 - 2 May 1971 Comments After eight years of fighting to preserve its colonial empire, France finally suffered defeat at the hands of Ho Chi Minh, an ardent Vietnamese nationalist and communist, when Dien Bien Phu fell in March 1954. Entdecke US Army Unit Crest: 42nd Field Artillery Group - WE HAVE THE POWER in groer Auswahl Vergleichen Angebote und Preise Online kaufen bei eBay Kostenlose Lieferung fr viele Artikel! 6/15th's AO, and IV Corps included the Mekong Delta and the southernmost parts of We have extensive unit history, maps and information about the unit and the 155mm Howitzer, Towed. Bill Taggart, 1st Battalion, 84th Artillery Contact: the contact person for your unit Contact: It is also noted that March 1969 records from the 5th Battalion, 42nd Battery indicate that the veteran's unit (A Battery) terminated a support role of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade, thus supporting the claim that his unit did support the 199th. V Corps Artillery Contact: Al Simms, Jr. 105mm H T Home Cities Countries. We saw a huge convoy approaching us in the passing lane and someone saw that it was the same outfit that Elvis was in. Writing in Artillery Trends in August 1967, Picou explained that airmobile artillery proved its versatility and mobility, its ability to displace quickly, and its mastery of airmobile artillery techniques. mannheim germany 41st transportation company 42 infantry division 421st med co (aa) 426 fsb 426 sig bn 426 signal 426 signal battalion 426 signal bn 426th sig bn 426th signal battalion 426th signal bn 428th medsom 428th mp co 429th ambulance company 42nd 42nd div,242nd inf 2ndbn 42nd division 42nd engineers 42nd engr co 42nd field artillery . You may have been within range of each other but this was not always the case one thing for certain, you were always on a "road march." If any enemy tried to escape, aerial gunners fired on them. Scarlet is the color used for Artillery. Corps Vietnam Artillery", Controlled two battalions of The war in 1965-66, therefore, forced the field artillery to modify tactics and organization. For a buck you could be a big shot and buy the section Lowenbraus all night. To economize and speed up displacements they devised a system of using one helicopter to carry both. We would go to Rivers Barracks every Sunday for mass. The Viet Cong gave the North Vietnamese another tool to bring down the South Vietnamese government by infiltrating South Vietnam and conducting sabotage, terrorist, and propaganda campaigns. In these cases, the movement was done by CH-54 Skycrane helicopters (Sikorsky Tarhe) or for long moves (like from Ban Me Thuot to Pleiku) with C-130 cargo planes. Battalions are made up of Battery's and here again you will find flexibility as BN's expanded or contracted along with the need. This demonstration of firepower along with small arms fire compelled the Viet Cong to withdraw. After years of debate over the validity of consolidating field and air defense artillery, the war prompted the Army to recognize the existence of two artilleries and to make them independent of each other. The picture is small so I can't be sure. As the fighting grew hotter, the 1st Cavalry quickly concentrated by using the helicopters mobility, defeated the North Vietnamese, and forced them to retreat. Looking for your old artillery unit? 2nd Bn, 32nd Arty (8-in/175), 7th Bn, 8th Arty (8-in/175) 1st Bn, 321st Arty (105, T) Battalion, 11th Artillery of artillery units in Vietnam Although the Americans faced soldiers with a different set of values, they produced a better led and trained South Vietnamese artillery by 1965 than the one encountered in 1961. In 1966 the 4/42 Artillery deployed to Vietnam on the same ship as the 1/22 Infantry. Capt Welty was a 20-year man who was a Marine during WW2 and switched to the Army during Korea.