He has been teaming with Tom Davis for 4 years hosting the "O's Xtra" pre- and post-game shows on MASN 30 minutes before and immediately after each game. I know I could have played a couple more years. Otherwise, he said, he would have to use his gun. The Comedic Stylings Of Rick Dempsey Published on 5/9/2007 by GC When Gary Thorne is the one embarrassed at your poor choice of words, something has gone horribly wrong. He was a one-man diversion during a rain delay. This is what were going to do, I told him. (Photo by: Ron Kuntz Collection/Diamond Images/Getty Images). I thought he was a great players manager. Catcher who won World Series titles with the Baltimore Orioles and Los Angeles Dodgers during his 24-year career. The Orioles potential superstar battery got off to a great start in their first spring pairing. He remained the starting catcher through 1986 but hit just .208 at the age of 36. Weaver managed the Orioles from 1968-82 and 1985-86. Dave Skaggs #8 gets a hand from Eddie Murray #33 and Rick Dempsey #24 during the World Series at Three Rivers Stadium on October 1979 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Football Memorabilia. A steady rain postponed the Milwaukee Brewers-Baltimore Orioles game at County Stadium, but it didn't stop Rick Dempsey and Sammy Stewart from reenacting the final game of the Orioles' 1982. So, he decided to try close to home and paid the Dodgers a visit. The next time he would see Minnesota would be as a visiting player. Elliott: Kings use their heads over hearts in trading Jonathan Quick, A $150,000 executive protection dog? Finally, using his best Mexican bandito accent, he ordered the men to drop their money on the table and leave the room. He, McGregor and Martinez became part of a nucleus that kept the Orioles as perennial contender for the next decade. 10. I went up the line a little and he knocked the living shit out of me. It was a lot of fun. 2. We could have sold it, split the money and been very happy., Rick Dempsey while with the Los Angeles Dodgers.(Getty). [8] In the 1979 World Series, the Orioles won three of the first four games against the Pittsburgh Pirates and seemed to be on the verge of winning the championship, when the Pirates, led by Willie Stargell, rebounded to win the final three games. 31 - RickDempsey, Friday Bird Droppings: Where Adley and Grayson put on a show. Former Orioles catcher and 1983 World Series MVP Rick Dempsey is a member of the Orioles broadcast team after five years on the club's coaching staff. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Dempseys play-acting during rain delays are still among my favorite memories of those Orioles years. May 31, 2020 - Three-time AL Cy Young winner, six-time All-Star, and eight-time 20-game winner Jim Palmer turned 70 years old on Oct. 15, 2015. He was an interim manager while playing in Puerto Rico in the early 80s. Then, about halfway down the third-base line he would start his slide, which would hydroplane him down the tarp and across home plate, where he would call himself safe. He then went 2-for-12 in the ALCS against the White Sox, but then came the World Series. Rick Dempsey Baseball Stats by Baseball Almanac Rick Dempsey Stats Rick Dempsey was born on Tuesday, September 13, 1949, in Fayetteville, Tennessee. Prep Rally is devoted to the SoCal high school sports experience, bringing you scores, stories and a behind-the-scenes look at what makes prep sports so popular. I was one of those kinds of players that just pulled for all of the guys.. It has to be tough on him. We were having a good time, but then it started to rain. The Van Nuys Valley News said he was considered a definite Major League catching prospect and the Twins agreed, drafting him in the 15th round of the First-Year Player Draft. That was one of the saddest days for me ever. There isn't a ton to say about Dempsey the player. Dempsey was 20 years old when he broke into the big leagues on September 23, 1969, with the Minnesota Twins. Now Dempsey as an "O's Extra" announcer? He was one of the all-time nicest guys in the world. All of a sudden, the people in the stadium started pounding on the grandstands with their feet. Dempsey, a catcher . I went and I got that baseball to throw it to the fans and I was in my socks slipping all over. His buddy Munson would die in a plane crash on Aug. 2, 1979. But Dipper is an Oriole, and a memorable one. Dempsey didnt want to start anything on the plane but when the team arrived at the hotel in Milwaukee, Sudakis started in again and a fight ensued. He speaks warmly about memories of attending drive-in movies with his parents and how, in between features, he was consumed with the highlights of Dodger games that were shown on the big screen. Then he started telling jokes, and then stories about the big leagues. I got along with him really well.. Crazy things have happened during rain delays in the past (i.e.- Rick Dempsey), but this video might just put them all to shame. - 'Private cocktailParties - Pvt. They wouldnt even let me warm pitchers up in the bullpen. Dempsey became the Orioles starting catcher in 1978 and held that position for a decade, helping the Orioles to the World Series in 1979 [they lost in seven games to Pittsburgh] and then again in 1983. John Rikard Dempsey (September 13, 1949 - ) played major league baseball for 24 seasons as a catcher for the Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Indians, Los Angeles Dodgers and Milwaukee Brewers. I knew I could be a part time catcher for them but they had Chris Holies at the time, said Dempsey, who was eventually activated in June. I wouldnt tell them that stuff. I went to Fred Claires office. Dempsey was let go in 2021 as part of the massive layoffs by MASN. As climate changes, climate anxiety rises in youth. Rick Dempsey rain delay entertainment. Elliott: After trading away Jonathan Quick, Kings make more deals ahead of trade deadline, After four decades, trainer Ed Moger gets his first Triple Crown starter, An exclusive look at details of Chip Kellys two-year contract extension from UCLA, His shoe game is pretty tight. Why Dodgers hope Miguel Rojas play matches his swag, Rats in the laundry? He told me he bought a new plane. She was also charged with trespassing and spent eight hours in jail, according to the Baltimore Sun. A nice guy, that Dempsey. Now that is entertainment! Then, in the late 1980s, he moved over to play near his familys home in Agoura Hills, becoming a lovable and laughable Dodger Stuntman. He helped the young pitchers, kept the clubhouse loose and won games by driving in a run once in a while. Some NFL teams dont make the grade, players say. This dental device was sold to fix patients' jaws. The man who used to entertain the crowds at old Memorial Stadium with rain-delay impersonations of Babe Ruth pigeon-toeing around the bases, complete with ample gut padding and head-first slides . In his 2017 memoir, Dempsey said his antics were inspired by Sparky Lyle, whod win the American League Cy Young Award in 77 for the Yankees. While playing for the Dodgers in 1990, he became involved in a brawl with Phillies' center fielder Lenny Dykstra, who took exception to Dempsey's fraternization with the home plate umpire. Author of the popular blog The Bobblist, which covers everything A to Z in the world of bobbleheads. The lone bench player for New Bedford at the start of the game was infielder Dan Haugh, who, along with pitcher Aaron Messier, did their best Rick Dempsey rain-delay imitation. [1] Dempsey led American League catchers twice in fielding percentage, twice in baserunners caught stealing and once in assists. He has been teaming with Jim Hunter and Tom Davis during this time hosting the "O's Xtra" pre- and post-game shows on MASN 30 minutes before and immediately after each game. Wayne Bryant. Palmer had been doing commercials for Jockey underwear, so Sammy wore briefs outside of his uniform pants. One punch. People still come up to me nowadays and talk about it. Thoughts from Brewers Nation or Is It "The Bre Flashback Friday: One of the "Forgotten Birds", Comeback Win No. Terms at draftkings.com/sportsbook. But I would like to be involved with a team in some respect.. R ick Dempsey is best remembered by some for his rain-delay antics and entertaining crowds with his impersonations of Babe Ruth. 2023 Orioles vs. projections: Cionel Prez. 1. There is another side. Tommy [Lasorda] had a little heart attack around that time and there was a lot of speculation as to who would replace Tommy. Quick with a quip. [5] During his tenure with the Yankees, he served as a reserve catcher to Thurman Munson, and received tutoring from Yankees coach and former catching standout Jim Hegan. He told me he gave that ball to the Hall of Fame. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Handled pitchers well, loved to slide on wet tarps during rain delays. And by 1988, Morganna the Kissing Bandit was well known. He then got the crowd to sing "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head." Los Angeles, This fabled orchid breeder loves to chat just not about Trader Joes orchids. Blog Round-Up: There's Anger in the Air in Toronto, Flashback Friday: "Doubleheader Don" Aase, In Case You Were Wondering - Road Jerseys Edition. It was great.. Had one beat writer from another newspaper threaten to kill him in an elevator at the winter meetings. He was mentioned again as a possible candidate for the Baltimore manager's job in 2010, after the firing of Dave Trembley. Im 175 pounds and hes 235 with world-class speed. Dempsey is quick to admit that bettering himself in sports, not academics, was his main focus while attending Crespi Carmelite High School in Encino. We want Dempsey!" 8. [2] In 1979, the Orioles defeated the California Angels in the 1979 American League Championship Series to reach the World Series. John Rikard Dempsey (born September 13, 1949) is an American former professional baseball player. Daniel Okrent describes Dempseys efforts: He was an intense man, who concentrated mightily on the game. Whenever I think of Dempsey as a player, two memories come to mind: his rain delay routine and his 1983 World Series MVP. [1] He played for 24 seasons as a catcher in Major League Baseball from 1969 to 1992, most prominently for the Baltimore Orioles where he played for 10 years and was a member of the 1983 World Series winning team. He was a yeller and a screamer and he beat the fundamentals of the game into you. Uploaded: 25 Jul, 2010. Once you master that, all youre left with is the game itself. iterated elimination of strictly dominated strategies calculator It wasn't even really premeditated, but Sammy just thought of it at the spur of the moment, went on the field, and did it. The long-time Baltimore catcher, however, proved over the course of his career, which encompassed parts of four decades, that he was more than one of baseball's most memorable characters. I went to the summer league in 67 and played half a game every other day. Rick Dempsey Found 137 people in Texas, Florida and 44 other states. Dempsey has been a candidate for managerial openings with the Orioles in the past, as recently as 2003 when the Orioles interviewed him for the spot that eventually went to Lee Mazzilli. I learned the game from Thurman. Cal gets a good-luck kissMay 2, 1988When looking back on this one, context is important. I was dragging three pieces of luggage and a hang up bag across the parking lot. He will enter 2006 as the bullpen coach, replacing Ellie Hendricks. 22. The Orioles won 10-3. Later in 2006, he became the first base coach again when the team reassigned Dave Cash. Jones antics in Detroit bring back memories of Baseball Soliloquy in Pantomime, http://www.youtube.com/v/13dUZTSf_lM&hl=en, Thanks to the Tigers Todd Jones, shown in the rain delay video above, this weeks Flashback Friday could only be about one thing: Rick Dempseys Baseball Soliloquy in Pantomime.. Santarone would pour a layer of vinegar over the mix and let it set for a few days, then drain it and do the same with oil. I declared myself safe, the crowd went nuts, and I walked off the field completely drenched. I got a little notoriety in Earl Weavers eyes, Dempsey said. Funny, they don't remember that once in a while I got a hit. Still, it took time for Dempsey to get any consistent playing time. I know how to do it, but it takes a while to get a rhythm and timing for the game and your ballclub. But Dempsey is also remembered as the man who turned rain delays into interpretive theater. See About archive blog posts. Wild Bill Hagy gets the crowd goingOctober 1979With his signature look and humble backstory, Hagy, a local ice cream truck and cab driver, became a Baltimore sports icon for the way he famously led chants of O-R-I-O-L-E-S during the late '70s and early '80s from the upper deck at Memorial Stadium. He and Billy were a lot alike. Only Gene Kelly ever sang and danced better with the water turned on. They split the two games and Baltimore won its final two games to win the division. You could tell he was in his element. Dempsey & the Invisible Orioles Magic Band. That was so embarrassing to start one game all season long. Hiserman has been Sports editor of The Times San Fernando Valley and Orange County editions. In 1985, Dick Enberg was in Toronto for Games 1 and 7 of the 1985 ALCS on NBC. Rick Dempsey's age is 73. Get some baseballs and get back out on the tarp." With that in mind, were taking stroll down memory lane to highlight the times in Orioles history that did just that. The Twins were impressed and put him on the 40-man roster before calling him up to the big club in September, allowing Dempsey to play for Billy Martin and watch as the Twins captured the newly formed American League West crown. The decade wasnt always great, though. The downside is that he set my expectations too high for what I should reasonably expect of a catcher. I didnt know anything about being by myself and being on the road but I made a lot of friends early on. 3, 1982Back by popular demand, Dempsey revived his pantomime performance for the Memorial Stadium faithful in July 1978, and reprised it with a twist on the final day of the 1982 season against Milwaukee. In the midsts of the downpour two younger doofs decide it would be cool to sit out in the bleachers, in the rain. Yeah, a Rick Dempsey rain delay was a gas, and Wild Bill Hagy was more popular than the mayor, but when the Birds took the field, they never arrived via a fire-spewing UFO that descended from the . [7][13][14][15], In 1987, Dempsey became a free agent and signed a contract to play for the Cleveland Indians. It is supposed to bring joy, every night a chance to escape for nine innings. There, he would pantomime Babe Ruth hitting a home run, complete with called shot. Soon after, his teammates arrived, quickly setting up a poker game. Really, hes only gone off on us once, Lund says. Get ready to take over the high seas with Rick Dempsey 1983 World Series MVP is taking over the Royal Caribbean's Enchantment the of the Sea for a 5-night cruise to Bermuda! Rick Dempsey always was a crowd favorite. 9. He eventually came out and I said Im sorry Mr. Claire, I never give up on anything, dont make me do it now. For example - "C'era una volta" means "Once upon a time" in Italian and "I yli dago i . Not dark, just different. That decision wasnt final, though. In 2001, Dempsey was named the first base coach, replacing Eddie Murray. When I was with the New York Yankees before I got traded in 1976, I was in right field, speaking with relief pitcher Sparky Lyle. I ended up doing that routine three times. Source: Okrent (1985), Nine Innings: The Anatomy of a Baseball Game, p. 246. 3. [6], For the next ten and a half seasons, Dempsey would remain as the Orioles' starting catcher. Watch. [2] In 1997, he was inducted into the Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame. I thought that was kind of cool, that he got so many different sections at Yankee Stadium involved in that. Sports Legend Revealed: Was Jack Lambert ejected from a game for hitting a quarterback too hard? He would go and hang out with the players, drink with them and do all that stuff. [11][12] Dempsey posted a .385 batting average along with a .923 slugging percentage in the five-game series, and won the World Series Most Valuable Player Award, one of six catchers to have won the award. I remember turning toward him and he was right in my face, Dempsey says. He signed with Cleveland and the Indians finished with an MLB-low 61 wins in 1987. Dempsey does tell them stories. Dempsey grabs the mic1986Dempsey turned his act musical in 1986, when he serenaded a rain delay crowd to Chuck Berrys classic Johnny B. Goode. Soon, Dempsey & the Invisible Orioles Magic Band was born, complete with Eddie Murray and Floyd Rayford on the drums, Mike Boddicker on bass and John Habyan and others handling backup vocals. The pantomime of Babe Ruth calling his home run. Los Angeles, This fabled orchid breeder loves to chat just not about Trader Joes orchids. When Spring Training rolled around in 1988 Dempsey was at Vero Beach with the Dodgers. The competitive side. Dupree overheard and responded by taking off his glove and throwing his best fastball at Dempseys head as the two headed toward the dugout. I have searched far and wide across the great landscape of the Internet and have yet to find a trace of footage showing Dempsey sliding across a rain-soaked turf. Mike Curtis Baltimore Colts. If a section of the fans would yell and scream and holler for him during batting practice, he would throw a ball to whichever group screamed the loudest. [2] After three and a half seasons with the Yankees, he was acquired along with Scott McGregor, Tippy Martinez, Rudy May and Dave Pagan by the Orioles for Ken Holtzman, Doyle Alexander, Elrod Hendricks, Grant Jackson and Jimmy Freeman at the trade deadline on June 15, 1976. He is famous for being a Baseball Player. I loved the way he played the game and we became very good friends.. I wanted to be like Earl Weaver. During his career, which spanned from 1969-1992, Dempsey was known as one of the best defensive catchers in the game. "Players Swap Memories of Yankees-Orioles 10-Player Trade", "Rick Dempsey Looks Back on his 24 Seasons as a Big League Catcher", 1979 American League Championship Series at Baseball Reference, Rick Dempsey post-season batting statistics, "Rick Dempsey: His Career Survives Fires of Combat", "You're Looking at One for the Ages Here", Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bronx Is Burning, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Rick_Dempsey&oldid=1132443572, Florida Instructional League Twins players, American expatriate baseball players in Venezuela, World Series Most Valuable Player Award winners, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2010, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, September 23,1969,for theMinnesota Twins, September 27,1992,for theBaltimore Orioles, Career statistics and player information from, This page was last edited on 8 January 2023, at 22:38. I went around the bases and slid into home plate, making a big wave as I sloshed across the tarp. Babe Ruth used to be with the Red Sox. Then I "hit" the long drive to straightaway center field and started to take the home-run trot. People remember those gags during the rain delays, Dempsey says, toweling off in his office after catching in the bullpen. My brother [who was his ride] was a high hurdler so I became a miler on the track team and ran a 4:36 mile. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. Nfl Colts. Loved it! Ask Dupree about Dempseys other side. Dempsey broke his thumb and missed the rest of the season. Baseball Players. Here he is, with the Bakersfield Dodgers, and in his very first season as manager, his is the worst team in the Class-A California League. Sure, you remember Dempsey. Follow Dave Ginsburg on Twitter@Ginzy3. All the pitchers enjoyed having me behind the plate. But Sparky never did it. Yeah, its too early to draw conclusions about anything, but its not too early to feel the optimism already. Copyright (c) 2017. I took two mighty swings, twisting my body as far as it would go. [9] It was one of Dempsey's greatest disappointments of his playing career. He spent it in the press box with the Bakersfield broadcast team, doing color commentary. (Photo by Focus on Sport via Getty Images). Rick Dempsey was a catcher for 24 MLB seasons and MVP of the 1983 World Series in which the Orioles beat the Phillies. Football League. Thats not really me.. Rich L.A. homeowners are snapping them up. The mark Rick Dempsey left was to be forever tied in with rain delay theatrics as he basically invented the genre (go to the 4:42 mark ): If YouTube had existed at the time it would have. Guys were telling jokes, kind of ripping on each other and getting loud, recalls Ed Lund, Bakersfields catcher and a St. Francis High graduate, and he just kind of slowly walked back down the aisle and listened. October 7, 2012. Back in those days, even though they fined players for throwing balls into the grandstand, Sparky didn't care. Either way, thinking of the guy puts a smile on my face. I said, "Well, that might be pretty cool, Sparky.". Within a week he crashed. 30, 1977A singular figure in Orioles lore, Dempsey remains beloved to this day as much for his personality as for his on-field accomplishments. 4. One time in Toronto, one of the Blue Jays staffers called me and asked me to do it. I loved it at eight years old and told my mother I wanted to be a professional baseball player, Dempsey said. Dempsey, 73, is semi-retired and living in California. , Next In the new book If These Walls Could Talk: Baltimore Orioles, Dempsey and writer Dave Ginsburg share this and many otherbehind-the-scenes stories about the team. He added that Ripken took a liking to him and polished him up behind the plate. After I slid into home plate, Yount came out and took his jersey back. He hit .206 in 102 at-bats with nine RBIs. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. But I held on to the ball. "Hey Rick," I shouted, "I saw your rain delay act at Fenway back in 1977!". He is remembered for one in particular, when he committed a baserunning gaffe that led to a 5-4 extra-innings loss to the Yankees in August 2003. Dempsey was one of the best defensive catchers in the latter half of the 20th century. Click to email a link to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window). 3.4K views, 33 likes, 5 loves, 3 comments, 0 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Here's to the Night: Rick Dempsey has officially been dethroned as the king of the rain delay. I signed as a 145-pound catcher and two years later I was playing in the big leagues.. Rick Dempsey is best remembered by some for his rain-delay antics and entertaining crowds with his impersonations of Babe Ruth. While Dempsey never hit higher than .262 during his decade as Baltimores starting catcher, his presence behind the plate and in the clubhouse made him the perfect veteran leader, especially as Palmer wound down his career and retired. Lunds favorite: During spring training one year, Dempsey said he broke into a room shared by three teammates and hid in the closet. He did get a pair of September callups but they were mere cameos. Rick Dempsey and Dave Ginsburg co-authored a book called If These Walls Could Talk: Baltimore Orioles. Dempsey was named World Series MVP and was an Oriole hero for all times. For me, languages are fascinating. He retired in November 2020. No wonder television wanted him. Thanks for sharing your memories, Enchanting Sunshine. But as with so much art, nothing beats the original. Date: July 23, 2009 Score: Chicago White Sox 5, Tampa Bay Rays 0 Site: U.S. Cellular Field Pitches (Ks): 116 (76 strikes) Game Score: 93 In 2009, Buehrle, a durable soft-tossing lefty, threw his team's first perfect game in 87 years. Mar 28, 2014 - Rick Dempsey rain delay entertainment. So, I said okay, Ill play for the worst team in baseball before I play for the Orioles., Former Baltimore Orioles player Rick Dempsey leads cheers between innings during a baseball game against the St. Louis Cardinals on August 9, 2014 at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland. Think again, as Jim Palmer learned. Once, after the pitcher had again been racked, Dempsey mentioned that trend to another teammate as they trotted off the field. Dempsey also served as an Oriole color commentator in 2000 and began another stint in 2007, as the studio analyst for O's Xtra on MASN, the cable channel that carries Orioles games. He was also named a first team NYPL all-star and lauded by the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues. Rick Dempsey and Rain Delays - The Times Have Changed roarfrom34.com/Baltim. The worst thing was, being manager, I had to call his wife and tell her what happened, Dempsey says. No one ever interviewed me about being the Dodger manager but my name showed up in the L.A. Times about it and that upset someone, so I left the Dodgers. They said come in Friday, well have a meeting and put you someplace but I showed up for the meeting and they didnt and that was the end of it with me and Baltimore.. Nobody in the Orioles dugout was laughing when it happened, but 16 years of hindsight have lightened the mood a bit. It was pretty neat because my teammates kept throwing me balls so I could keep tossing them into the grandstand. Dempsey moved behind the plate for his senior season and hit a team-leading .466 to earn All-Camino Real League honors. \"I got tired of the same old stuff.\"About 45 minutes after the game was to have started, Dempsey ran onto the tarp and slid across the infield. [1] When Scioscia was injured during Game 4 of the World Series, Dempsey took over behind the plate for the remainder of the Series, collecting an RBI double in Game 5. Sign up to receive our daily Morning Lineup to stay in the know about the latest trending topics around Major League Baseball. It was genuinely funny, and while impatient fans waited for the rains to end, theyd applaud Dempsey lustily. They say, "That's the guy who ran around on the tarp." ThePostGame - Wed, 19 Apr 2017 . I held him to less yards that [Brian] Bosworth did. Required fields are marked *. I got to my room and stuck my key in the door and it didnt open. Komminsk goes up, over and out of sightSept. I said, "No. [18] During his career, Dempsey caught ten different 20-game winning pitchers. I was in the outfield at Fenway Park on Sunday, throwing baseballs to fans in the stands who were the loudest. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Rick Dempsey was a catcher for 24 MLB seasons and MVP of the 1983 World Series in which the Orioles beat the Phillies. I went into the clubhouse and was drying off because it was pretty wet out there. He possessed a cannon for an arm and was a magician who helped guide some of the games greatest pitching staffs to a pair of World Series titles, picking up a World Series MVP for himself along the way. Dempsey joined the Air National Guard in 1969, which allowed him to continue playing for much of the summer and he played well back in the Midwest League, hitting .364 in 151 at-bats. which is not correct regarding a group license,